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Gabriel Griffin

Gabriel Griffin lives on a small island on Lake Orta in north Italy and, herself a poet, is the creator and organiser of literary events: among them the annual Poetry on the Lake spring international poetry competition and the autumn festival (poetry in English, mainly, but also in Italian and other languages,often with dance and music) .

This year's festival runs from 25th to 27th September. Carol Ann Duffy, Penelope Shuttle, Will Stone, and the well-known grammarian and poet Michael Swan will be there, among others.

A journal of selected poems and essays is published, in English and Italian. At present this is annual but may become more frequent. Submissions are welcome.

Poetry on the Lake is in the Purple Guide to Turin and Piedmont.

Past activities include events and seminars on community communication for the Venice Biennale, exhibitions and cultural events in Milan and Umbria.

Gabriel is the author of handbooks on the use of video in communities and articles on folklore and local history and has been prized in poetry competitions and published in magazines and anthologies..


Postal address:

Isola San Giulio, 28016 Orta (NO)



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